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We are a trusted and innovative supplier of microbial control solutions and chemical technologies used in hygiene, home and personal care, wood protection, paints and coatings, material protection and crop protection applications.

Our extensive, global regulatory knowledge has become a key differentiating factor as the biggest challenge for our customers remains the increasingly complex and evolving regulatory landscape. Our deep understanding of both current and future regulatory requirements helps our customers to ensure regulatory compliance in their numerous end markets across the world and our ready-to-use solutions provide them with a continued “license to operate”.

Our Products and Services

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Our Hygiene business offers solutions for disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces in healthcare, industrial, institutional and consumer home settings. These include schools, food-processing plants, restaurants, grocery stores and healthcare settings, such as hospitals. Our products help prevent the spread of infection and are available in a range of formats, including concentrates and ready-to-use liquids, wipes and solids. We have not only improved the germicidal registered claims for our core quaternary (“quat”) ammonium-based disinfectants that fight against SARS-CoV-2, but also expanded our offering into enhanced hydrogen peroxide solutions. This has allowed us to become a leading supplier in the market with effective hygiene formulations.

Our global registrations portfolio includes activities under many legislative agencies around the world including the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Canadian Therapeutic Products Directorate (TPD), ECHA, Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária (ANVISA) in Brazil, and the China and Japan Ministries of Health. We also provide regulatory and toxicology expertise, supporting compliance with global regulatory regimes. Our regulatory support covers both active ingredients and finished formulations in relevant regions, providing our customers in many cases with a “license to operate”.

Home & Personal Care

Within our Consumer Preservation business, we offer a comprehensive range of preservatives to discerning formulators across the global home & personal care markets. Our solution offering builds on our cutting-edge, anti-microbial know-how and our next-generation preservation systems.

Within Home Care, our focus remains on ensuring that our homes remain healthy places, by providing new and innovative solutions to clean, sanitize and disinfect rooms and surfaces. Our innovative research and development (R&D) programs, aligned with industry-leading regulatory and toxicology expertise, allow us to offer convenient and effective solutions to the many microbial challenges we face at home.

Responding to more environmentally friendly market require-ments such as the use of high efficiency, low temperature washing machines, the laundry hygiene business has developed technologies that provide hygienic solutions. These solutions facilitate consumer laundry products, which kill bacteria, reduce malodor and provide long-lasting freshness for both the clothing itself and washing machines.

We are a leading producer of dandruff-fighting ingredients, built on Zinc Pyrithione – the world’s most recognized and widely accepted anti-dandruff active. Our Zinc Omadine® brand is recognized as the global standard for cosmetic anti-dandruff treatment products. With the PO.Fresh® active, we broadened our portfolio of anti-dandruff actives such as Piroctone Olamine, supporting our position as a key partner for scalp health brands worldwide.

Wood Protection

Our Wood Protection products deliver solutions that enhance the performance and increase the longevity of wood, one of the world’s greatest renewable resources. We manufacture high quality formulated products that protect wood from mold, insects, fungal decay and fire to help make the most of wood as a sustainable and adaptable construction material.

Our proven preservative technologies extend the service life of lumber, ensuring it can be used as a high-performance material. Sapstain and mold-control treatments keep lumber clean between the sawmill and the consumer’s door. Our heavy-duty industrial offerings protect wood in the most hostile environments, including utility, railway, marine and agricultural applications. Our formulations for glue line protection of strand and veneer-based engineered wood products secure the future of wood against alternative materials. We support our customers with our flagship brands of Wolman®, Tanalith®, Dricon® and AntiBlu®. Our R&D centers in Atlanta (USA), Castleford (UK) and Melbourne (AU) keep us at the forefront of international advancements.

Material Protection

Our Material Protection business offers solutions that include anti-microbials, corrosion inhibitors, lubricants and a variety of other specialty additives. These products are used across a range of industries including Metal Working Fluids, Powdered Metal, Polymers and Textiles, and Oil and Gas.

Our industry recognized brands, such as Densil®, Omacide®, Proxel®, Lonzabac®, Vanquish®, Zinc Omadine®, Bardac®, Barquat®, Vantocil® and Dantogard® protect our customers’ products and processes from harmful bacteria and fungi. This lengthens the use of a product or protects a process, thereby providing solutions that reduce system costs and waste.

Paints & Coatings

We are a leading supplier of ingredients for Paints & Coatings, which includes providing wet state preservation for waterborne architectural paint and other formulations in the building and construction market space. Additionally, we play a critical role in the protection of marine vessels from marine antifouling and offer best-in-class technology for paint dry film protection against defacement from algae and fungi. Innovation efforts include providing slow-release technologies and an increasing focus on using potentiators that reduce the amount of biocide used while maintaining the efficacy of the coating system.

Customers acknowledge our global brands of Proxel®, Omadine®, Densil® and Umigard®. Each brand reflects our global recognition in the various applications for microbial control ranging from protection on a homeowner facade to the hull of an ocean-going vessel.

Crop Protection

Our Crop Protection has a business-to-many (B2M) model where we serve both the business-to-business (B2B) and the business-to-consumer (B2C) market.

In the B2B market, we provide our clients with top grade preservatives such as Proxel®, as well as formulation ingredients used in the production of crop protection products. Over the past five decades, we have also been selling the active ingredient Meta® Metaldehyde to our business partners. With time, our Meta® product has developed to become the active of choice for controlling slugs and snails. This is not only because we have a premium product and a continuous production system that allows us to meet market demand during fluctuations, but also because we have invested significantly in registration packages across the world.

To serve our B2C distribution partners and support farmers in protecting their crops, we have developed an ever-increasing range of ready-to-use products such as fungicides, insecticides and herbicides, as well as foliar nutrients and tank mix adjuvants.

In order to further support our clients in the control of slugs and snails, we have also extended our molluscicide offering to include Axcela® pellets, a ready-formulated product for use in a wide range of global agricultural needs.

To provide full support to the farming community, we also offer post-harvest sanitation solutions such as FREXUS®. This line of products ensures effective sanitization in the food and farming industries.

Highlights and Initiatives


Our Hygiene business delivered a strong performance in 2020, supported by a series of new long-term customer agreements. In response to the unprecedented demand for quaternary (“quat”) ammonium-based disinfectant products during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have increased our production of hygiene products. Total of 16 products have been added to the US EPA list of disinfectants that proved in laboratory tests to kill SARS-CoV-2 on hard surfaces, including both dilutable and concentrates for disinfectant wipes. They include quat-based Lonzagard® products, which are used in a wide range of professional and retail-branded cleaners.

Lonzagard® R-82G is one of the first quat-based disinfectant cleaners registered in the US, Canada and European countries. These registrations allow disinfectant brand owners and professional hygiene service providers to expand a single formulation into multiple countries.

Furthermore, our Nugen® NR Disinfectant Wipe has been recognized in the North American non-woven industries with the most prestigious of awards. The patent-pending product, which kills a range of bacteria and viruses without the need for pre-cleaning of food contact surfaces, was a finalist in the World of Wipes 2020 Innovation Awards. The Nugen® NR Disinfectant Wipe was recognized specifically for its ability to kill norovirus - a key food safety gap previously unaddressed by quat-based pre-saturated food contact surface sanitizing wipes. Approved by both EPA and National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) under D2 (no-rinse) category, it is the only market innovation of its kind in the quat-based food contact surface sanitizing wipes category.

In addition, the Nugen® EHP-TB expands our hydrogen peroxide ready-to-use offering for healthcare settings with enhanced tuberculocidal claims and improves the efficacy contact time from three minutes to just one.

Home & Personal Care

Our Home & Personal Care business saw an increased interest in the preservation and laundry offerings in 2020. However, there was reduced market demand for skin care, hair care and food. Through the year, we continued to strengthen the consumer laundry hygiene portfolio, with chemistries such as Bardac® 2080 and Bardac® 22 active ingredients. These now enjoy adoption across all regions as the performance-critical antimicrobial components of consumer hygiene products such as laundry detergents and rinse-stage sanitizers. Technically engineered from our laundry development center in Blackley (UK), our offerings in the increasingly important consumer laundry hygiene market have expanded from performance-substantiated active ingredients to the development, registration and delivery of fully-formulated consumer product offerings.

Within Personal Care, the lockdown measures arising from the COVID-19 pandemic led to longer storage time of personal care products, creating an even greater reliance on product shelf life and preservation efficacy. In this context, our FormulaProtect® tool has proved to be a strong choice for our customers, as it enables formulators to personalize their preservative decision-making, providing options based not only on key technical and regulatory criteria, but also on their response to marketing trends. With a comprehensive range of preservation, our Geogard® line showed high recognition from our customers as it offers broad-spectrum protection built from alternative, globally-accepted chemistries. These deliver preservatives that can support a clean label claim and use ingredients accepted by ECOCERT, NATURE and other eco-friendly, natural and organic certification bodies.

Wood Protection

Our Wood Protection business experienced increased demand in 2020, leading to a strong performance, as well as positive retail and Do It Yourself (DIY) business.

Our newly launched Vacsol® 6118 is a modern, metal-free, Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR)-authorized wood preservative system, designed with novel actives for the highly regulated European market. This novel formulation provides a flexible preservative system approach to the construction timber market sector.

In 2020, we launched a digital solution in North America (Treat Right® Business Intelligence), which improves the effectiveness and competitiveness of our customers. Through conversations with customers and our familiarity with their facilities, we came to understand their needs and found an opportunity to create a digital-enabled platform to help run their plants more efficiently. The system not only provides business insights for the customer, it also delivers significant benefits by enabling Lonza to remotely access and service their operations.

Material Protection

Our Material Protection business experienced adverse market environment as a result of COVID-19. At the same time, there was an increased demand driven by the COVID-19 pandemic for Material Protection customers to develop products that have antibacterial and antiviral claims. The EPA has clarified the regulatory pathway and we are working with key partners to support the development of plastics, textiles and coatings products that support these claims.

In other industrial segments, we remain focused on offering sustainable supply chains by shipping more concentrated products to reduce our customers CO2 footprint.

Paints & Coatings

In 2020, we focused our innovation efforts on new dry film technologies, including antimicrobials for hygienic coatings, which have been shown to be effective against bacteria and viruses. No single global regulatory framework exists for establishing claims of residual sanitization on coated surfaces, particularly as it relates to efficacy against viruses. Nonetheless, our experience and expertise in this area allows us to provide regulatory support throughout an approval process, and support the creation of claims in new market spaces such as coatings. We are currently partnering with key customers to bring such claims with new technologies to the marketplace.

Crop Protection

In 2020, our Crop Protection business experienced lower global demand in Agro Specialties as a result of COVID-19, considered as a one-off event. We been driving forward a geographical expansion initiative. We are working on internationalizing our crop protection portfolio by taking a number of products developed at our New Zealand center of excellence, and registered and sold in Australia and New Zealand, to other key regions in the world, such as the USA, LATAM, Australia and Asia.

We reached our first milestone with the launch of our first fungicide and the submission of two insecticide dossiers in the US. This initiative will allow farmers in different parts of the world to access our crop protection products, offering them an additional tool to protect their high value crops (including fruit, nuts and vegetables). This increased level of protection arises from our innovative formulations, which aim to combine different active ingredients into a single product.